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Facility Usage


The Our Savior's congregation have been blessed to have such a wonderful facilty that can be shared with other brothers and sisters.  The facility has hosted numerous conferences, concerts, workshops, school plays, semi professional plays and sporting events.  These resources are available and events can be planned and coordinated.

Our Saviors provides a variety of facility resources upon request.  This may be for a community activity, conference, etc.  In order to request usage of a resource you must call the church office (518) 459-2248.In order to avoid scheduling conflicts, OSC recommends that we receive your request no less than 3 weeks in advance of the desired date of the event.  We request this to avoid scheduling conflics, to provide ample time to plan your event, and obtain the appropriate resources which will make your event run as smoothly as possible.  The secretary will gather your information and pass it on to the appropriate people to begin planning your event.  You may be contacted in order to provide more specific information regarding your event.

Conference Hosting


Conferences can be hosted for a single evening, day or to span across multiple days.  Early scheduling and planning is the key.  OSL has two kitchens as well as rooms to hold small group sessions and larger spaces to hold general sessions.  Conviently located in Colonie which has numerous restaurants and hotels for out of town guests.  Use of the Sanctuary comes with a full sound system to support the speaker and worship team.  Recording can be requested at an additional cost.  OSC also offers ample parking and facilities for child care and recreation.  Groups from 20 to 300 can be accomidated at our facility.

Concerts and musical events

Our Savior's has hosted many musical events for plays put on by the students of Our Saviors Christian School to local worship bands like Isaiah Six, and Diagnosis Free.  National artists Phil Wickham, Jason Upton and Unspoken have all played at OSC.  The sanctuary has a full sound system as does the gym.  The gym also has a full stage to perform on.  A buried snake elininates wires on the floor from the stage to the sound board.  Guests can use our equipment or opt to bring thier own.  Front and rear of house is planned in coordination with our guests input.

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