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Foundational Principles for Reopening at Our Savior’s:


                 Safety and Protection: The protection of all our members and those who come to worship is our top priority.  We encourage anyone that has underlying health concerns to remain home until their situation has changed.  Persons who are in the midst of a two week quarantine as a result of direct contact with a person who has tested positive for Covid-19 or because of travel restrictions should not attend the church service.  Nor should anyone who is feeling ill or running a fever come to the service. We will continue to offer on-line services for those who are unable to attend and will seek to provide pastoral care for all our members.   

                 Comply with Government Directives:  We will follow guidelines issued by the CDC and NYS relating to the use and occupancy of our building.  This includes directives relating to the wearing of face masks, social distancing, and appropriate methods for cleaning and sanitizing. 



Guidelines for Worship in Our Savior’s Sanctuary

Last Revision:  1/26/22


2. Wear Face Coverings when entering the building and while in the building – before, during and after the worship service.  Face coverings will be available at the Welcome Table for anyone who needs one.

3. Welcome Table in the narthex.  All worshippers will be signed in at the Welcome Table. Worship bulletins and communion packets will be distributed at the Welcome Table.  

4. Seating/Social Distancing:    Please sit in every other pew.  Pews not available for use are marked with a sign.  For the safety of all, please observe social distancing before, during and after the worship service. 

5. Singing:  Worshippers are encouraged to sing as long as they wear their masks and maintain social distancing.  The Worship Team will sing without masks while they maintain social distancing in the worship area.   

6. The Sacrament of the Altar/Communion will be celebrated.  

7. Child Care will be provided during Sunday worship in the Launch Pad for children under the age of 5.

9. Bathrooms: The bathrooms across from the fellowship room will be available for use by worshippers. 

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