Live Stream Service 

Info and Schedule

Every Sunday 9:00am!


What is live streaming? Live stream simply means that our service will be recorded and available to watch live from the comfort of your own home online through Facebook and our website.

What do you need? All you need is an internet connection! If you have a Facebook page, you can watch live on the church Facebook page. If you do not have Facebook, you will be able to watch the service right on our website shortly after it concludes. 

When will service start? If you have Facebook, you will be able to join us LIVE at 9:00am on the church Facebook page. It will be available on our website right around 10:00am for those who are not able to watch live. 

How will this work? When we film the service, it will be available LIVE on Facebook, so we would encourage anyone that uses Facebook to join us  on the Our Savior’s Lutheran Church Facebook page for our live stream. This way it encourages the church to participate while we stream and interact with the page and other members that are watching the stream as well. Click HERE to go to our church Facebook page. If you do not have Facebook, the service will be uploaded right onto our website for you to view. 

What if I miss the live stream? If you miss the live stream and want to view it, it can be found directly on the Facebook page and on our website after the stream is over 


What if I don't have Facebook? If you do not have Facebook, don't worry! We will be uploading the service to our website shortly after it concludes right on the front page and under the sermon section. 

I have more questions. If you have more questions, click HERE and ask us! We are here to make sure that we connect and share God's Word despite these challenging circumstances.

Holy Week Worship Schedule

Thursday, April 9: Maundy Thursday Reflection with Tom Roemke 7:00pm


Friday, April 10: Good Friday Tenebrae Service led by Marlow Olson 7:00pm

              Good Friday Worship and Prayer led by Peter Belschwinder 8:30pm


Sunday, April 12: Sunrise Worship with Peter Belschwinder 7:00am

               Easter Sunday Worship provided by the LCMS 9:00am 

All services will be posted on Facebook and on our website as soon as they are concluded. 

April 5: Palm Sunday/Passion Sunday with Rev. Russ Craig 9:00am

Click HERE to go to our Facebook page to Live Stream the service. 

Download the Order of Service HERE.

April 3: LIVE STREAM: Worship and Prayer led by Worship Minister Peter Belschwinder. Click HERE.

March 29: LIVE STREAM: Principal John Richardson. Click HERE.

Download the Order of Service HERE.

March 22: LIVE STREAM: Rev. George Carstenson. Click HERE.

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