Our Savior's Weekly Bulletin (Announcements Only) 


IN THE WORD:   Opportunities abound for studying God’s Word between worship services on Sunday mornings (9:45-10:45)

  • BLAST OFF:  for preschool through sixth graders, meeting in the kindergarten and fourth grade classrooms

  • ADULT BIBLE CLASS:  studying the life of the prophet Elijah and meeting in the Fellowship Room

  • YOUNG ADULT BIBLE CLASS:  featuring a study of comparative religions and meeting in the school cafeteria


ARE YOU UP TO THE CHALLENGE?  -  The Red Letter Challenge, that is.  All members of Our Savior’s are encouraged to embark on a 40 day study, meditating upon and applying key teachings of Jesus, words that are printed in red in some versions of the Bible.  This Red Letter Challenge will be launched on February 14 (Valentines Day!) and will be the focus for Bible studies, Small Groups, sermons and mediations during the Lenten season.   Look for Small Group sign up sheets along with the opportunity to purchase RLC books next Sunday.


PORTALS OF PRAYER for January—March and now available on a table in the narthex. Please help yourself to one of these daily devotional booklets and take extras to pass along to friends.



January income through 1/08/21 - $10,613

January expenses through 1/08/21 - $10,934

Cash balance through January 8, 2021  - $71,412

ABSENTEE BALLOTS are available through the church office.  Either call or email the office (osloffice@aol.com) if you need a ballot.


VOTE ON JANUARY 31st:  All members of Our Savior’s are encouraged to come to the Voters Assembly on Sunday, January 31st , following the 9:30 combined worship service.  CHURCH SERVICE AND VOTER’S ASSEMBLY WILL BE HELD IN THE GYM.  A major item of business will be the election of Church Council members and Elders.  Please prayerfully consider the following slate of nominees:


For Financial Officer and Trustee:    Fred Dignon   (no other nominees)


For Church Council at Large  (two positions):

Heather Baird, 

Sloane Bullough,

Toni Cramer,

Brian Dollard,

Greg Schoonmaker


For Elder (you may vote for one, all three, or none for another 3-year term)

Alan Fijal

Ike Wallace

Peter Kemmer

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