Outdoor Worship

Sunday, 9:00am

Starting June 28, 2020

Weather Permitting

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Your Invited!

A single weekly church service will be held outside in the parking lot in front of Our Savior’s Christian School beginning on Sunday, June 28th, and will begin at 9:00am. The service will also be live-streamed for those who are unable to attend in person. 


Congregational members and visitors are asked to arrive and exit their vehicles no earlier than 8:30am. General parking will be as located on the attached parking lot plan.  As you park, please leave at least one space between your car and the next vehicle.

Face masks, Sign-in, and seating:

Upon exiting your vehicle, you are asked to be wearing a face covering. Prior to entering the seating area located in from of the school, please stop at the Welcome Desk located in front of the church office, where you will be signed in and at which point you and your party will be ushered to a seating area. Once you arrive at your seating space, you may remove your face covering if you would like. All in attendance are asked to kindly stay within their respective seating space for the duration of the service. 

                                                                   Click HERE to download the map. 

Welcome Desk:

Pre-filled Communion package, an Order of Worship, and children's bulletins will also be located at the Welcome desk for you to pick up.

Remaining in your vehicle:

Those who would like to remain in their vehicles during the service will be directed to the specific parking area located on the attached plan.  Please still stop at the Welcome Desk to sign in and pick up pre-filled Communion package and Order of Worship.


Please come with umbrellas for shade or possible light rain, as well as chairs and water bottles.  If heavy rain is expected, the outside service will be cancelled and instead only live-streamed from the sanctuary. 


There will be limited bathroom facilities for emergencies only. Please plan accordingly.  If you do need to use the bathroom, please put on your face covering and follow the signs toward the doors located to the far right of the main entry doors to the school.  Once inside the school, ushers will direct you to the bathrooms. 


Peter Belschwinder and Heather Baird will lead us in worship. Please wear your face coverings while singing. 


At the conclusion of the service, Ushers will guide you out of the seating area and toward your car.  Those seated closest to the general parking area will leave the seating areas first, and then ushers work back toward the front of the school entrance area. Those who have parked and remained in their cars for the service will be asked to wait to leave until all those who have been seated in the parking lot have walked to their cars.


Baskets will be placed at specific locations within the parking area for you to drop off  your offering as you leave. 

Quarantined & Sick:

Persons who are in the midst of a two week quarantine as a result of direct contact with a person who has tested positive for Covid-19 or who are feeling ill or running a temperature should not attend the church service in person, rather watch via live-stream. 

Please note, this plan is for outside services only.  A different plan is being put in place for services to occur inside Our Savior’s facilities.